Dear Sir, IF anyone has any doubt about the differences in the management skills between the political parties on the island two recent sales of public property should be noted. Recently, the finca Can Domenge, under the control of the central UM (Union Majorca) party, has been sold for what many believe to be half price. On the other hand, a parcel of land in Santa Ponca under the stewardship of Calvia's PP (centre right Partido Popular party) has been auctioned off for what the experts believe to be twice the expected price. Incidentally Calvia's PP has earmarked the profit to build subsidised homes in the municipality. WELL done to top man Billy Morris and his “Peña Son Flo” (football club) barbershop ensemble for their huge contribution to the awesome atmosphere created in the blistering heat of the Estadio Ruiz de Lopern in Seville on Sunday. There were over 40'000 fired-up “Beticos” (Real Betis fans) in the ground, and apart from seats being set on fire and several premature pitch invasions, Billy's boys still managed to raise the volume of the away supporters' decibel rate from way up in the gods. After the goals were scored and both sides were safe from relegation, Billy's boys kicked off the proceedings with chants of “Betis, Betis.” Then the home supporters got going, singing “Ma-llor-ca, Ma-llor-ca.” It would have brought a tear to a glass eye! I know it did to mine, both of which were well-glazed from the previous night's shenanigans. Mallorca's president Vicente Grande welcomed the travelling fans at the team's hotel in La Cartuja with the words “Bon día boys” on Sunday morning. His idea of building his own football ground (like the old, now delapidated Luis Sitjar) has been well entertained by most season ticket holders at the club. The seldomused running track around the pitch at the Son Moix has received shedfulls of complaints and has most definitely taken away the atmosphere that the old ground produced. Once again the itinerant British fans of Real Mallorca flew the flag and the so-called Mallorcan-speaking supporters were conspicuous by their total absence - bar three ! Here's hoping for a much more positive season 06/07 and may Billy's boys keep up the good work albeit with a bit of fine tuning in the harmony department. Visca Mallorca.

John Rule, Sol de Majorca
Dear Sir,

Monro (burnt to a frazzle) Bryce, by e-mail