By Jason Moore

A GREAT Europe day celebration in Palmanova on Sunday, it was tremendous fun and the weather was even better. The organisers should be congratulated for putting on a first class event which gave much enjoyment to tourists and residents alike. There are not many events where you find tourists, non-Spanish residents and local residents enjoying the same event. European unity at its best! It is quite amazing to see the large number of local associations and clubs which exist in the Calvia area.

My only complaint would be the fact that many political parties used the event to canvas votes for the forthcoming local elections. I realise ofcourse that it was a big day and we are in election time but surely this event could have remained non-political just a celebration of all the different nationalities who live in Calvia and want their best for the municipality?

I have seen in some parts of the island that this type of political campaigning at fairs has been banned which is not a bad thing. But apart from that it was a great day. The live music from local performers was also great and cheered the large crowd which had gathered. There are hundreds of people who live in Calvia who work very hard for others. I was glad to see that the hard working Dr. Michael Stoma was given the European Citizen of the Year award, the presentation took place during the celebrations. Overall a very good day for all and Europe at its best.