Dear Sir I was interested to learn that €500'000 has been allocated to the Dragonera Island Park for amongst other things “projects to restore what have become abandoned agricultural areas” and return them to grow typical local produce.

On the opposite page was Andrew Ede's blog commenting on the fact that the islands tourism authorities have run out of money and have no funding left to promote the important domestic market.

Does this not typify the gross mismanagement of the Islands economy and the continued wasting of public funds. Is there not a shred of economic sense in any of the governing bodies. I truly despair.

On a different note, I noticed the article in the security section regarding the serious theft of 5000 tonnes of artichokes at the end of last year. How can the equivalent of 250 truck loads of artichokes go missing on our island! The mind boggles.

Stephen Cliff
Cala d'Or