WHAT is the problem with the Conservative Party and Europe? Every Tory government almost self destructs over this issue. With Britain still in the midst of a major economic downturn it is quite amazing that Prime Minister David Cameron has to spend so much time on this issue. Britain, I think, is the only country which is part of the Union which is considering jumping ship. Others are fighting tooth and nail to stay in and a sizeable part of Britain wants to leave. Cameron has no option but to call a referendum during this parliament on this issue or confront the eurosceptics head on. Perhaps it is time for pro-European Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, to break his silence and come out and support European Union membership. Perhaps, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, could do the same. Britain can´t contine like this. There is a real danger that the Conservative Party will split down the middle with the United Kingdom Independence Party picking up more votes and possibly Tory members. I believe that Britain should stay in the European Union. I intend to continue living in Majorca and Britain´s membership of the European Union makes my life much easier. If we have to return to the days of work permits this is going to make things far more difficult. So fingers crossed that Cameron can finally settle the difference in his own party over this issue. For us expats, the European Union makes life easier.