Dear Sir, I AGREE entirely with the views of Margalida Rossello (Daily Bulletin May 10) and disagree totally with the views of Mabel Cabrer who said that the improvement of the road infrastructures will reduce the number of traffic accidents. If these “improvements” include erecting concrete barriers between roads of two directions of traffic, then she couldn't be more wrong. They may well prevent vehicles crossing a central reservation, but how forgiving are concrete blocks? Try hitting one - even at 30 Kph - and you'll see what I mean - they really are unforgiving. Why on earth didn't they erect normal steel barriers - the ones that absorb impact? The area around Santa Ponsa is really a concrete jungle now. IN yesterday's paper, Irene Taylor reported the fact that 36 cases of leishmaniosis in humans have been diagnosed in Majorca this year. A friend of mine has recently been confirmed as being positive to this illness, almost always fatal in dogs. A lesion about the size of a small finger nail appeared on her leg about six months ago. It neither hurt nor itched, but did not disappear with time. Though not fatal in humans in Europe (it is endemic in tropical climates), it is nevertheless not to be ignored. Children under three are particularly susceptible. A special dog collar which protects the animal against fleas, ticks and the phlelebotomus spp (Mosquito/ sand fly that carries the disease) has recently been introduced on the market. It is named Scalibor, produced by Laboratorios Intervet of Salamanca and is on sale in the larger supermarkets. All dog lovers, especially those living near pine trees should consult their vet or log on to Hope this is of help to other dog lovers.

Jan Andersen-Page, Wiltshire
Dear Sir,

Helen Courtney Lewis, by e-mail