YOUR readers may not be aware that the Mayor of Calvia, Carlos Delgado, has been off on a very expensive ‘jolly' to promote Rugby in Calvia.
He was apparently accompanied by his Director General for Tourism, Jaime Martinez, Manu Onieve, and ex bar furniture salesman Christian Alfaro, amongst others. The weekend before the team flew away to Cardiff and Edinburgh (they missed out on Dublin due to the ash cloud) 450 rugby players arrived in Calvia to give their all in Magalluf in a superb international beach rugby tournament. The question is, did Delgado or any of his crew bother to grace the event as they are obviously hell bent on promoting rugby? The answer of course is no. Makes you think doesn't it. 25 plus teams of rugby players on your doorstep yet nobody from Delgado's team nor the great man himself even popped by to say hello.

A King, Santa Ponsa

WE bought an apartment in a fairly expensive, so called exclusive, development for our own holidays and potential retirement retreat. This development does not have a tourist licence for short holiday lets, but it does not seem to stop certain owners from renting out their properties to anyone who can pay.

We now do not use our own apartment in the summer months because of the inconsiderate, noisy parties of people that think that any community rules do not apply to them. Most owners and all permanent residents here abide by the rules - put in place by the owners in the first place - but putting up with 8 or 10 people renting the 2 or 3 bedroomed apartment next door and sometimes bringing a dog as well, is very annoying for residents.

We are now going to report all owners who let their properties for holidays to the appropriate authorities.
Bear in mind, not all owners bought their properties in order to make a killing by letting - some of us actually came here for some peace and quiet.
Another point that should be mentioned - do the renters know that they are not covered by insurance if they are renting an illegal holiday property?
Alex Maguire says that these people may eventually buy a property on the island - they won't if they have to put up with the noise and disruption which some owners have to endure.

Name withheld
Resident of Majorca