By Jason Moore THE Spanish Football Federation should be taking both Barcelona and Bilbao to task after their fans booed the Spanish national anthem ahead of their King´s Cup final game on Wednesday night. The anthem could not be heard as the Catalan and Basques “supporters” showed the ultimate form of disrespect. The ground was also a mass of Republican Flags which must have been clearly seen by King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia. To make matters worse then Spanish state television tried to hide the “booeing incident” by not showing the images. This move was later to cost the channel´s head of sport his job with many accusing the state broadcaster of censorship. There are some who said that this sort of behaviour should have been expected from Catalan and Basques while others said it was an absolute disgrace. I believe that the only way to punish the so-called supporters for their complete lack of respect is to punish their clubs. Barcelona and Bilbao were playing in the Spanish King´s Cup and therefore it was only normal that the Spanish national anthem should be played. The two clubs should be told that if there is a repetition of this sort of behaviour then they will not be allowed to play in the competition next year.