By Jason Moore WHAT an absolutely fantastic state of affairs. Of course, I am referring to the election campaign in Calvia which has reached a point in which nothing surprises me. If someone was to tell me that Tony Blair or David Cameron were going to Calvia to try and canvas the so-called foreign vote I would not be amazed. At the moment I would say that the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) are slightly ahead. Candidate Antonio Manchado has already promised a lawn bowls international tournament (a very good idea) and has brought in some big guns in the form of Labour MP and former minister for Europe Dennis MacShane. But I am sure that the Partido Popular will hit back, after all they championed the non-Spanish vote at the last elections. Meanwhile, the third major force in Calvia politics, the Majorcan Unionists, are playing the Liberal Democrat card because after all Menzies Campbell and Maria Antonia Munar speak the same language (politically-speaking of course!). What does this tell us? That we have gone from visitors from another country living on this beautiful island to full-blown citizens with voting powers which can decide who governs the council. Good morning Calvia, and welcome to a new world and new status. An absolutely fantastic state of affairs and long may it continue.

P.S. If the lawn bowlers or cricket club are short of a few players over the coming weeks I know of at least three people who would be willing to play!