NOT surprising the reaction of Ray Fleming to the successful coalition between the Conservatives and Liberals, as was the sour grapes of various Labour MP's and ex ministers, forecasting the alliance would not last more than 6 to 18 months.

Actually when seeing Cameron and his wife in front of Nº10 on the evening of his appointment, this attractive, young, vibrant couple were like a breath of fresh air after the recent years of “same old” from Labour.

This promise for the future was carried forward the next day at the press conference held jointly of Cameron and Clegg. They projected an image of youthful dynamism, where their personalities obviously gelled, and one felt that both parties would give their all to make the coalition work, and make positive moves to putting Britain back on the tracks, and go forward for the benefit of all.

Actually, far from the coalition collapsing, Labour should be more concerned with this possible scenario. After five years of successful government, what if the Con-LIb alliance decided to run in the 2015 election as a coalition? This could well send Labour into the political wilderness for a long time, much as the Liberals had to await 80 years to govern again.

Food for thought...

Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips