I F anyone asked me to name one of the footballers I most admire and respect, I would answer David Beckham without hesitation. He is probably not the best footballer which England has produced but he is certainly one of the nicest who has always put his country first. There are not many footballers who can say that they helped their country win an Olympic bid but Beckham played a key role in securing London´s Olympic ticket. He later played a major role in the opening ceremony. He has also been an excellent role model for both football and his country. It is a great pity that he is finally saying farewell to football after so long but his list of achievements are long. He has won the league in four different countries and he is still a legend in all the clubs where he has played. Beckham still has an important role to play as an ambassador for the game. He can look back on a long and great career. Even in Spain, where he played for Real Madrid, he is a still respected and considered to be a galatico. Unfortunately in England he has been dismissed by some over recent years for being too old. He should have formed part of the Team GB football which played in the Olympics and I still believe that his England career was brought to an end far too early. But thank you David Beckham. You may never have raised the World Cup or European Cup for your country but you certainly have done plenty for the English game. You will be sadly missed by all in football.