By Jason Moore ON Saturday night I had the pleasure of joining the panel for a Conservatives Abroad Question time at a Portals Nous hotel. The other panelists were British Member of Parliament Nigel Evans, Calvia councillor Kate Mentink and company director Alan Stuart. It was a good lively debate with veteran MP Evans, quick to point out, that the Conservatives were on course to win the next election which certainly cheered the party faithful. Evans said that at the moment they were planning their policies and their “planes were on the ground, ready to take to the air when needed.” But it was clear from the reaction of the audience that Conservative Party leader, David Cameron's honeymoon is over and that members want action on the policy front, just in case there is a snap general election. Also, the issue of immigration was tackled with the panel agreeing that it was important that Britain had a more controlled immigration policy. The fact that many expatriates no longer have the vote, because they have lived outside Britain for too long, was also a major topic as was the National Health Service, crime and the political crisis in Marbella. All in all a most entertaining evening. On a final note, Evans said that it was vital that all those expatriates who could vote did so. He urged them to register at once because even a single vote could make a big difference in a marginal seat.