WE are only a few days into the new British coalition government and already Mr Fleming has provided two leading articles on what a failure it is! Maybe it will be. On the other hand it may, heaven forbid, succeed in dealing with the decay and decline Britain has suffered from 13 years of Labour misrule. At this stage nobody is in a position to foretell the future unless Mr Fleming is in possession of a crystal ball in which case could he please tell me what the winning lottery numbers are going to be next week.

Life and politics are all about competing opinions and Mr Fleming is, of course, entitled to express his support and belief in outdated left wing dogma but the world, Britain and politics have moved on quite dramatically over the past fortnight and nobody, not even Mystic Meg, can comment at this stage as to whether the “new politics” will succeed.

Mr Fleming's condemnation of the Cameron/Clegg government based on their backgrounds, education, accents and wardrobes before they even have the opportunity to sort their desks is, however, nothing other than a prime example of the inverted snobbery which has sadly held Britain back under the reign of the last, discredited government although it is interesting to note that the same attacks rarely surfaced against Fettes and Oxford educated Tony Blair during his tenure at Number 10.

Now that we have “new politics” in Britain let us also have a breath of fresh air and a degree of objectivity in these columns and judge the new coalition government on its record - when it has one.

James Martin (Surrey & Puerto Pollensa)