Dear Sir, A WHILE ago, the Daily Bulletin was kind enough to print a letter from us, complaining about the poor access (locked gates and high stiles) for cyclists and elderly visitors on the tracks within the Parc Natural S'Albufera. We are now writing full of praise for the changes the Parc Authorities have carried out. A slit has been cut in the stone wall at the north west corner of the Parc enabling cycles to be wheeled through. Additionally, in at least five places within the Parc, high ladder styles at locked gates have been removed and replaced by small pedestrian sized cattle grids. On our recent visit to your beautiful island, because of these changes, we were able to thoroughly enjoy several visits, by cycle, to the S'Albufera, and noticed many cycling family groups with young children, able to use these now easily negotiable routes. Thank you Daily Bulletin for giving the problem publicity, and the Parc Authorities for taking action.

John & Vicki Hinchcliffe, Dorset