By Jason Moore TONIGHT'S showcase final in Paris sees half of Spain supporting Arsenal, ardent Barcelona fans saying that the trophy will be won for Cataluña and not Spain and Tottenham supporters claiming that Arsenal are playing on home turf in Paris! It is rather difficult to say that this is a clash between England and Spain. One of Cataluña's great talents, Xesc Fabregas, plays for Arsenal, and he has been a Barcelona supporter since he was a child. Arsenal's leading striker, the great Thierry Henry, is expected to move to Barcelona at the end of the season. Thankfully, there are some English players in the Arsenal team; when they played Real Madrid the only Englishman on the pitch was David Beckham and he was playing for the Spanish side! Barcelona is not big on Spanish players either; infact they are only expected to be three in the squad tonight. But it should be a fantastic match. While Barcelona are favourites Arsenal have shown that they can compete and win against the best in Europe. For Barcelona it is a golden opportunity to underline the fact that they are one of the best teams in Europe and at this present time, far superior to Real Madrid. For Arsenal it could be the dawn of a new era; a Champions League and a new stadium. All in all it should be a great final and don't be surprised if the Spaniard sitting next to you is supporting the same side as you!