By Jason Moore

YOU can look at the coalition government in Britain in two ways; a government of talents or a government which will fall at the first sign of trouble. I believe that it will be good for Britain because the Dave and Nick show is certainly fresh and different and there is that element of youth which can´t be bad after years of Gordon Brown.

Now the road ahead is not going to be easy especially as some Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs are already speaking out against the coalition. I am glad that Nick Clegg and Vince Cable are in government because they are certainly the stars of the Lib/Dems and can bring something new to the table. But the coalition government has to be careful; too many budget cuts will hit Britain´s green shoots and the economy is still in a fragile position. I would say that war on waste is a better policy than actually reducing budgets.

Britain is in a mess and hopefully the government of talents will be able to turn things around for the better as long as they get the opportunity. I hope that MPs in both parties stay on side otherwise the coalition government will be unable to function properly and damage Britain´s growth. Britain certainly has a new team, let us hope that it will soon be playing in the Champions League.