Regarding “Small businesses call for a ban on street vendors.” AS I don´t shop in the Plaça Major or on Sant Miguel so the small businesses are not my concern. However I support their cause for another reason, like to walk through this area, and occasionally eat in the Plaça Major.

I find the street vendors a bother for another reason, with which the tourists, who do the same, will probably agree. I see two problems. When eating in the Plaça, I enjoy the ambience, people watching, and street entertainers, and feel harassed by the aggressive sales tactics of the street venders wandering among the tables selling questionable wares.

At the height of tourist season there is not a lot of room to pass through the Plaça and down Sant Miquel, especially at the entrance and exits from the Plaça, where these venders often take up 50% of the passage.

I have no objections to the statues, artists, and musicians because they add to the ambience, and take up less room.

However the vendors not only slow up foot traffic, but their goods are also a safety hazard.
We also have street venders in Porreres, but their “territories” are mapped in advance and paid for, the areas are patrolled by an agent from the ajuntament, and the local police fine them when they break the rules.

Richard Goss