Dear Sir There is only one logical explanation – Astigmatism. Apparently Jason Moore and I suffer from it. Last Saturday in Viewpoint he referred to most holiday resorts being like ghost towns and the center of Palma being quiet.

By coincidence the evening before (Friday) I took a series of photos of Can Pastilla to show to old friend from the 70s who had opened the Buckingham Palace Bar how bad business had become. On Saturday night I was watching the BBC News Station which was featuring the great last minute holiday bargains available due to the “flat bookings” Thomas Cook, among other holiday firms, was suffering. Thank goodness we are all wrong. In reality we have experienced a 25% increase in British tourists in the year to date (Daily B front page Sunday). Is this not all the more astonishing as up to the end of March we were 100'000 Brits down (Daily B 12 April)?

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma

Dear Sir
Not for the first time the shop in Palma Airport departures has demonstrated the unacceptable face of tourist exploitation.
Our friend returned to UK last night and told us of her experience in making the purchase of a bottle of water. Having run out of Euros she had earlier borrowed a twenty euro note from my wife in case her flight was delayed and she found time on her hands in the airport.

On paying for the water, she was given change of ten euros, and on asking for the balance was told in no uncertain terms that she had paid with a ten euro note, and was due no more.

A queue behind, and the typical British “ Don't want to make a scene attitude” led her to walk away, with a bottle of water that cost her twelve euros, fifty.

Last year, in the same shop, our daughter bought a carton of cigarettes for a friend. She discovered later that her credit card had been “Swiped” twice . Phone calls and personal visits by ourselves proved fruitless.

Nice one Majorca, let's make sure that our dwindling supply of tourists finish their holiday with a bad experience and an enduring memory of “Rip-off Spain”.

Oliver Cheetham
Porto Cristo