By Jason Moore

I think the time has finally arrived for street vendors either to be outlawed or legalised. Crackdowns by police have failed and in most tourists resorts you will find them selling anything from fake brand sun-glasses to soft drinks. It is quite amazing that eventhough this activity is illegal the police are not able to bring the situation under control. In some of the bigger tourist resorts I would say that hundreds of these vendors are at work at all times of the day. The time has come for action. I think one of the best ways to regulate the situation is by effectively making them legal with all the necessary paperwork which this involves. Numbers could also be controlled.

I think it could be all part of a major crackdown needed in tourist resorts which in some cases resemble “lawless areas.” The lack of police has made the problem even worse. Street prostitution continues to be a problem in many holiday destinations across the island. Not even the introduction of the tourist police has helped resolve this problem. Majorca is marketing itself as a safe holiday destination, which in most cases it is, but more could be done to crackdown on petty crime in holiday resorts. I have seen for myself how the police in the Playa de Palma are trying to fight back against pick-pockets operating on the buses. Police officers often board buses on the lookout for suspects. But obviously they need more resources . I don´t understand why there are not regular police foot patrol in resorts?