W HY are there so many loop holes in the Spanish law? The Calvia council have been forced to apply to the central administration in Madrid and ask for a change in the law so that they can tackle the problem of street prostitution in Magalluf? The police can´t prosecute illegal street vendors. The list goes on. Surely the police should be given the necessary powers so that they can do their job and rid our holiday resorts of people who must be breaking the law. There are some resorts which have a poor reputation and therefore the police should be on duty there ensuring that the law is upheld and that tourists behave themselves and do not become victims of crime. Majorca is a mass holiday destination. One of its secrets of success is that it is known as a safe destination. However, street prostitution in Magalluf and the illegal street vendors in the Playa de Palma are some of the biggest problems which are faced by the tourist industry at the moment. I have been told on many occasions that the police often feel powerless because they do not have the necessary legal support. Traders in the Playa de Palma have had enough of the illegal street vendors and are calling on the police and the city council to act and resolve the problem. Already there have been incidents involving the police and the vendors. Action is needed at once to make our holiday resorts safe and legal for all. If you break the law then you should face prosecution.