l Dear Sir, Once again, Ray Fleming, berates David Cameron, for allowing the Tory Euro sceptics, to dictate Eurozone policy (May 19th/20th).
In fact, Mr. Cameron has pledged a Referendum on the question of Britain's membership, in clear unequivocal terms, to be held after the next General Election. However, the sceptics want the referendum to be held now, or in the very near future. Well, off course they do.

Following the rise of UKIP and its successes at the very small turnout of voters for the recent local elections, which may evaporate sooner than later, they, want its as I said above, now.

But, in spite of Mr. Fleming's castigation's, Mr. Cameron will NOT yield to them.
Incidentally it was salutary to see on the front page of the Bulletin in the same edition, the attack by you (the editor Jason Moore) regarding the Euro bureaucratic measures for Olive Oil.

Yet, in your editorial, you berate Spain for not adhering to Euro Rules, but at the same time, you imply Britain should do the same! These anomalies only serve to reinforce Mr Cameron's aim to re-negotiate and repatriate powers that are rightly enshrined in Britain's Comon Law, evolved over hundreds of years.

The idea that Europe can become a Super State with powers to cover all the different and disparate countries- “A one size fits all” is totally untenable.

I am certainly in favour of the original Common Market, with Free Trade, no tariffs on goods, together with free and unhindered access but with the proviso that the host country's laws and customs be respected.

Phil Green
El Toro l Dear Sir, Further to my previous letter concerning the new legislation relating to housing and “Thermal Footprints', I have now received more accurate information.

It is correct that on June 1st, this year new laws come in regarding houses and their efficiency, BUT there is no requirement to update existing windows and doors. (So much for the South-West supplier who tried to push us into purchasing top-of-the range double glazing on the back of this distortion of truth)
However what is more significant to the property owner that “at point of sale” the property must be in possession of an Energy Performance Certificate (E.P.C.), issued by a qualified person, showing the calculated efficiency factor. (Grade A to F) The qualified person has to be an architect with an engineers qualification .

Rental properties MUST possess an EPC. Certificates and should then be lodged with the local housing authorities. “Those who do not apply will be fined heavily.” Fees for the certificates depend on the square meters of the property, but run from 200 euros, plus IVA, to 350 euros plus IVA . I suspect this relates to the certificate, but not to the architects time and traveling. So the noose tightens for the “illegal letter.” Comply with the rules and the local council is aware of your activity, don't comply and risk a substantial fine.
Ah.... Happy days! Oliver Cheetham
Cala Romantica l Dear Sir, Way to go Hugh Ash!!! His Sunday column on the Israel-bashing BDS bigots who hijacked Stephen Hawking deserved to be exposed as the pompous crew they are. There's enough hatred in this world without them inventing more.

Candice Kurtz
Puerto Andratx