CONSTERNATION and anxiety in Gotmar: the Mayor, Joan Cerda Rull, (UM), is threatening to stop the regeneration of the dangerous, neglected streets of Gotmar, in the Port.

His excuse is that “there is no money”.
While the Government is investing our taxes in various follies, to “crank up” the economy, the urgent regeneration of Gotmar is not seen as a priority.

The Mayor has always said that the lack of money is the reason why the streets of Gotmar are not cleaned weekly. This illustrates his priorities: clean, safe streets are obviously not important for the UM party.

Despite a budget of 25 million euros, he can find no resources to clean the streets of the adopted barrio.
But his excuse is erroneous: a regular cleaning and maintenance would not cost an extra cent: over 100 workers are employed, by the Mayor, at a cost of 200, 000 euros per month to us, the taxpayer and rate payer, to clean the streets.

The Mayor could send these workers to Gotmar for one day and it would be like new.
At the next annual general meeting of the Friends and Neighbours of Gotmar, on 26 May, at 19.00 in the Eu Moll rooms, we are proposing to vote on a boycott of our rates and a human chain to stop circulation of traffic, if we do not receive the services we are paying for.

The Mayor gets his power from a mandate from the citizens. That's us.

Garry Bonsall
Founder President
AAVV de Gotmar