REAL Madrid have parted company with arguably one of the best football managers in the world and once again they are on the lookout for a new manager. Jose Mourinho, never really fitted in at Real Madrid. It must be a difficult club to manage because in Spain it is alot more than a football club, it is a Spanish institution. It is not a question of the players ruling the club more like, the players, the fans, the media and the board of directors. Mourinho likes to do things his way. He is the boss and he is the man who makes the decisions. He has made some bad decisions such as dropping goalkeeper Iker Casillas who is probably one of Spain´s most popular people, especially when he captained the national squad to World Cup and European Championship glory. But that is Mourinho, you either like him or hate him. I do get the impression that a large number of Real Madrid fans are sad to see him go. The new Real Madrid manager faces the same nightmare task which Mourinho faced; how to beat Barcelona and deliver the club´s 10th Champions League. This season Mourinho was successful and Madrid did beat Barcelona and they came close to reaching the final in the Champions League. So now Mourinho heads to Chelsea again where he will receive a hero´s welcome. There will be pressures at Chelsea but nothing like what he faced at Real Madrid. The Spanish club must realise that perhaps they put their managers under too much pressure.