l Dear Sir, In the same edition (Tuesday May21st.) that my letter was , published, giving my views on this thorny subject of Europe, Mr.Fleming prints a list of 19 business leaders who had declared, in a letter to The Independent, pleading for “Economics, NOT politics” to be the guiding principles of Britain regarding Eurozone policies. Does he not accept that dozens, nay, hundreds of rules, regulations, that concern all the populations of Eurozone, are the result of Politics? Is he also aware that the City of London (which produces over 29% of G.D.P. in Britain) is the subject of the politicians in Brussels, who apparently want to emasculate this entity, in favour of Frankfurt and other Euro cities? These business Leaders would soon be crying “Foul!”, if they came into effect. No, Mr. Fleming. I am afraid for more economics does not solve anything, or improve Britain's position in Europe. As I said in my previous letter, let Mr. Cameron try, by negotiation, attempt to reduce the E.U. restrictions that hamper trade, the life-blood of Europe politics must come first, economics later. Phil Green
El Toro