Dear Sir, WHILST Barcelona may have lifted the European Champions Cup on Wednesday, the total glory must be for Arsenal. For any team to lose a player and fight with 10 against 11 is a heavy load for a team to bear at this top level of teams, but that it is their first goalkeeper, not less at one who has a “clean sheet” for the previous ten games, and in the German national goalkeeper to boot, is a “double body blow.” That Arsenal went ahead with ten men to make it 1-0 at half time, shows a determination and skill not matched by their opponents. To struggle in the rain and mud, outnumbered as they were, it was inevitable Barcelona would break through, it is amazing they held out until the 77th minute. The record books will record the win, as it was for Barcelona, but Arsene Wenger and his club/team have laid down the gauntlet as to what the English league and Europe can expect next year. Even if Henri leaves for other pastures (but one hope he will stay, as he is an incredible player), the “young guns” being groomed by Wenger will be an exciting team to watch in the coming season. As another London manager known as “the chosen one” would have put it, “the best team lost!”

Graham Phillips, Palma de Majorca