Dear Sir,

I FEEL compelled to write and add my own thoughts in regard to the letter printed in your paper (Daily Bulletin, Tuesday, 22nd May - “Countdown to Elections”) from Mr Cashman who styled himself The Socialist MEP for the West Midlands when in fact he is only one MEP representing one small area of the West Midlands which actually is mostly represented by Conservative MEPs.

However; my issue with Mr Cashman isn't about his oversized ego! How dare he canvass votes in a local election here in Majorca on behalf of the PSOE or any political Party.
He is of course entitled and welcome to ask for political support and votes for the British Labour Party in the UK during a UK General Election or even ask for support from British voters living overseas in European Elections.

But whoever asked him (and I assume he was asked by the local Socialist candidate) to write to you and urge people to support a political party here in Spain, shows great effrontery to British subjects living here.

Does he feel his name, and the fact that he is a Euro Member of Parliament gives him the right to do this ....? Because it doesn't .... I say again. How dare he!!

Peter Newey, Calvia

President of Conservatives Abroad on Majorca

Dear Sir,


I WRITE in response to the letter from John Jones (Daily Bulletin, Letters to the Editor, Wednesday, 23rd May) regarding the new security proceedures. It may be annoying to have to go through these (API) however in a year or so I think that most of Europe will have them.

Basically we all want to feel safe when travelling, and I think we have to grit our teeth and say “thank you” for taking security seriously. I think the tourist industry try really hard to please us and it must be a very difficult thing to do.

You may see me at the airport eating my words (!!) but it won't put me off coming back several times a year.

Sally Schofield, by e-mail