YOU recently had headlines congratulating the many people and organisers of events, that may have raised a wonderful lot of money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital. May my wife and I add deep thanks.

We have a granddaughter aged 12 years who has been a patient there since she was born, some readers may have met, Pearl.
She entered that hospital on the day of the announcement, to have further investigations with equipment which would not have been possible without public help. She is blind with only one eye, has many problems......but luckily many friends.

My daughter went down to the countryside one day when they were spraying the field next door. She did not know she was pregnant.
One breath might have been enough for what happened.
Legislation has still not been passed to make farmers warn people in houses nearby, that this is about to take place.
Yours Sincerely

Dr George Giri

SINCE the outbreak of the impronouncable name of the Icelandic vulcano we have seen how dependent we are for inflight services. I as a Majorcan resident, have seen that the company I prefer to travel with, constantely says that their page is full of information about exactly this, but if you want to reach them, No way Jose.

But the thing that strikes me most is that Eurocontrol, the leading information Institute of aviation, puts on the 18th of May at nine in the morning the news of the 17th. Excuse me, but this is beyond belief.

Kind regards,

Manon Heijl.