Dear Sir,

I note that Mr Fleming is, for some reason better known to himself, against border controls in Europe, stating that three countries, Spain, Malta and Belgium have voted against it, therefore implying that the vast majority that seem to agree that it's not a bad idea, are wrong.

Firstly I doubt that Belgium could vote for anything as they have not had a parliamentary government for over a year, they are fighting amongst themselves so probably wouldn't notice if illegals did cross the border, and, apologies to my Belgian friends, who would want to go there anyway ?

Malta is small island state in the middle of the sea, so anyone who arrived there would have to leave pretty pronto to get into the EU proper, so why bother ?

Lastly, Spains illegals arrive mainly by sea, unless they claim to be coming on holiday from South America and then lose the return ticket in the airport car park.

Quite frankly I can´t envisage the Spanish authorities turning boats back to a very uncertain future when they reach the 12 mile limit, so they need an escape valve into the rest of Europe for these unfortunates to go to.

Simon Tow
Palma de Mallorca