ARMY bases have always been a target for terrorists. The IRA attacked British bases across the British Isles and in Germany. So why wasn´t security tighter around the army base in Woolwich? Why weren´t police on duty at the base at what is a high risk installation because it is home to thousands of troops many of whom have served in Afghanistan? Obviously the army must have been aware of the incident so why didn´t they act? If it is going to take armed police 15 minutes to reach the scene of an incident then perhaps we should revisit the issue of whether British police should be armed? If the two suspects were known to the security services why weren´t they under surveillance? I know that the security services have limited resources but surely they could have been kept under some sort of surveillance? The list goes on. The security services have always feared an attack on a British servicemen so obviously security should have been tighter especially in London. British troops are fighting a war in Afghanistan but we must make sure that they are protected when they return home. Lax security is not acceptable if this was the case. The British army and the police need to take a close look at the incident and decide what action should be taken. It is evident that army barracks are always going to be a target. Prime Minister David Cameron should ensure that soldiers are kept safe at home and abroad. That is his duty.