Dear Sir, l THE Da Vinci Code is obviously fiction, but based partly on Holy Blood, Holy Grail, a heavier and more academic, but thoroughly interesting work of fact. In it, the question of probabilities is posed: was Jesus literally God on earth, of Virgin birth, who was resurrected postcruxifiction as traditional Church dogma states? Or was he an inspirational and aristocratic nobleman, a charismatic freedom fighter, of the David line, who married the noble lady, Mary Magdalene at Cana, when Jesus mother Mary told Him to provide his guests with more wine? Would their offspring have had a real claim to the Judean throne? Was the crown of thorns and the inscription “INRI” or “King”, no joke? Would a jewish Rabbi have remained a batchelor, or would he, more probably, have been married, with wife and kids? Marriage was the norm in those days. The Bible states nowhere that Jesus was single and/or celibate. How would Mary have accompanied Jesus everywhere, if she was not his wife? HBLG makes fascinating claims. It is not theological, but historical: Jesus had not only family and aristocratic support in his claim to the throne: his “disciples” the apostles were Essene zealots, or undergound fighters. They were armed and took off a soldiers ear. Both family and the zealots quarrelled and squabbled after Jesus death over the leadership. This is symbolised in Leonardi Da Vinci's “Last Supper” painting, where Peter draws his hand across Mary's throat. These zealots created the Catholic church. His Jewish family were written out of history, by the victors, until Dan Brown. In 325 AD, Christian Bishops met and voted to make Jesus a God, by a one vote majority. Only by presenting Jesus as a God, could He be acceptable to the Romans, who already accepted their Caesar as a God. The Jews were made complicit in the execution of Jesus. Had Jesus violated Jewish laws, His sentence would have been stoning to death. But Jesus, a charismatic resistance leader, was crucified. He violated Roman laws. Pilate pardoned Bar-Rabus, not Jesus, following the driving out of the money changers in the Temple. Anti-semitism has roots in the need by the Church to eliminate and disparage Jesus family connections. The Church massacred all the Jews in the Royal Jewish principality of Languedoc, to eradicate all possible traces of the family. The first King of Jerusalem, Jesus' direct descendant, from Clovis and the Merovingian line, was the King of all Christianity, over all the Kings of Europe, and a threat to the Pope. HBLG suggests that the Knights Templar were principally in Jerusalem, not to protect pilgrims, to locate Jesus marriage certificate and the birth certificates of His children, not only treasure. The massacre of the Knights by the King of France and the Pope was an attempt not only to get Templar wealth, but to secure these family documents. “Many will come in my name and lead the flock astray” and “Christian will raise sword against Christian”. Jesus was right. In those days, the Church needed to ”deify” Jesus to sell Him to the Romans. Today, this superstitious dogma prevents reconciliation not only among divided Christians, but has led to crusades against Islam. Islam and Christianity are divided mainly over this claim by the church, the Essene zealots of today. Jesus' family, the Jews, remain persecuted. Accepting Jesus was married and had kids makes Him no less divine. It may even make Jesus and his teachings more acceptable to today's society. HBHG states that Mary Magdalene fled following Jesus resurrection (insurrection?) to Marseilles, where even today the place of her arrival on the beach is venerated. Her offspring, of royal Jewish blood, married into noble French families until Clovis became the first Merovingian French king. His son Dagobert II was murdered by the Church, however. Dagobert was written out of history for one thousand years by the church, which had become all powerful. The Merovingians called themselves the “Grail Family”, i.e. “of Royal jewish blood”. Sang Real” is French for “royal or blue-blooded”. The “grail” is indeed a vessel, but not a chalice: it is Mary Magdalene's womb, which contained Jesus children, the Royal blood-line. The “search for the Holy Grail”, was the search for Jesus' family descendants, by both family supporters and enemies.

Dr. Garry Bonsall (who believes 100% in Jesus); by e-mail