Dear Editor Humphrey Carter's article on Wednesday 21st May on “Britons Travelling Abroad More Than Ever!”

I think Humphrey is correct. More people would visit Palma for”Long Weekend Breaks” If only; we could access flights from all over the UK. Why? Do the airline companies not provide a better choice of flights in winter! It was almost impossible to organise a flight over late November/December for a family funeral. I had to stay for a week (I enjoyed the late winter sunshine) the weather was lovely and I thought it was wonderful walking through Palma and not “overheating”. Palma would be a wonderful destination for a “City break” and travelling from West to East of the island was so easy I managed to visit friends all over the island very quickly-(not an easy task in the summer months)

The Palma shops and restaurants I visited were very happy to help me polish-up my Spanish! I think the Majorcan Officials should pressure the Airlines to offer more flights to enable holidaymakers to come over to Majorca for “Long Weekend Breaks!” -I certainly would be over more than my usual two/three visits a year-I just love Majorca! Last year I visited Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Brisbane, Noosa, and Caloundra (Australia) Majorca x2, mainland Spain x2 and Budapest for a four day break (how similar to Palma) Please could we have flights for long weekends in Majorca! Shopping and eating out in Palma can be as upmarket or down market as you want!

Mrs Elizabeth Weldon DCRR DSM