By Jason Moore

I had never heard of Mr. Anders Borg until this week when he popped up on Sky TV and delivered what can only be described as probably the most accurate account of Gordon Brown´s handling of the British economy. Mr. Borg said: “Gordon Brown is not the right man for the top job at IMF. The 11 percent of GDP deficit Brown left in his final year as UK prime minister means Brown has no credibility in restoring fiscal responsibility in countries like Greece.” Rather savage but true. I see that Gordon Brown´s name is no longer mentioned in connection with the IMF job and I don´t think anyone is surprised. As Mr. Borg says, Brown couldn´t even run Britain, let alone the International Monetary Fund. The Swedish Finance Minister is right about the British economy. If serious action hadn´t been taken there was a danger that Britain could have followed Ireland, Greece and Portugal. The British budget deficit is still at alarming levels and if Britain was a member of the European single currency alarm bells would have been ringing. How some people can suggest that Brown saved the British economy from meltdown when the credit crunch first hit is almost laughable. It must be remembered that until recently Britain was one of the richest countries in the world. Brown even sold off the British gold reserves and now the government is being forced to sell its stocks of vintage wine. Gordon Brown and the IMF, I don´t think he could run a branch of a local bank!