BORIS Johnson, the Mayor of London, has made no secret of the fact that one day he would like to be Prime Minister; he should think again. I am appalled at the way he has behaved during this outrageous incident in Woolwich. To be Prime Minister you have to be able to deal with the good and the bad. Now, Johnson is a master at dealing with good news; he was superb during the Olympics but he has been sadly lacking in statesmanship-like-qualities during this difficult time for London. I may be old fashioned but surely he should have been wearing a dark tie as a mark of respect for the dead serviceman when he gave endless television interviews? He was also quick to praise the work of the Metropolitan Police, whose actions are very much in the spotlight. Many are deeply concerned that it took an armed unit at least 15 minutes to reach the crime scene. I also believe that he failed to reassure the people of London that the streets were safe. Johnson needs to learn many lessons and try and become a statesman before he even considers election to the top job.

I do not often criticise the British royal family in this space but I would have thought that a senior member of the royal family could have visited Woolwich yesterday or even the family home of murdered soldier Lee Rigby in Manchester. These are dangerous and difficult times and the monarchy has a role to play.