l Dear Sir, What an excellent piece you published today (yesterday) from Hugh Ash on the murder of the British soldier in London by Islamic fanatics.
Hugh Ash says what the majority of good people think, but they keep quiet in case they are accused of Islamophobia.
But it is for the Muslim community to come forward with information about lunatics in their communities and help the security services in all possible ways to stop such atrocities before they happen.

I agree. Somebody must have known what these two fanatics were up to.
As David Cameron said, more Muslims are killed by fellow Muslims than anyone else and we should not forget that.
We should not forget, either, that they always call on the West to clean up the mess they have made of their countries, then they moan that Crusader soldiers boots are on their holy ground.

We cannot win. So why bother. It isn't worth another British or NATO soldier's life.
R. Mellor
Palma Nova