I'VE been out and about in Majorca over the last eight days and I'm afraid to report that there is deep concern amongst all those involved in the tourist industry about the shortage of holidaymakers. So far, this year, they simply haven't come and a lot of people are getting very worried. There are plenty of rumours flying around, whether the shortage of tourists is due to all-inclusive holidays or that they simply haven't come. I will give you an example of why I believe Majorca's principal industry is suffering some problems. I was in a tourist resort and stopped at two shops; I have visited them before and I was always rather shocked at the prices they charged. Not this year. The prices had effectively been slashed, I would say, by at least 50 percent. Buying was a pleasure and I am sure that I came away with some bargains. But I thought to myself that even with prices so low the owner must be making a profit so imagine the money which was being made last year! But Majorca's price situation can really be put into perspective by the following. I went to Madrid for a brief visit on Wednesday and I was amazed to find that a coffee in Madrid is cheaper than in central Palma. There is a need now for price control in Majorca. The island is rapidly pricing itself out of the market and if this state of affairs continues the number of tourists visiting our shores will continue to decline. The writing is already on the wall. The growth in all-inclusive holidays has come about as a direct result of the high restaurant and bar prices. This state of affairs could have been avoided if bars and restaurant prices had been raised in-line with inflation. We have seen the increase in prices and tourists these days know that if Majorca is too expensive they will just go somewhere else.