By Jason Moore

For once the opinion polls were correct and the centre right Partido Popular won a landslide victory in the local elections yesterday. It was a historic night for the party and their leader Jose Ramon Bauza who will now become Balearic leader with a clear mandate to rule. Across the islands the Partido Popular won in all the major municipalities from Calvia to Inca and from Manacor to Palma. It was a crushing defeat for the socialists of Balearic leader Francesc Antich who has governed the Balearics for the last four years. The winds of change blew through the Balearics yesterday and voters have made their views clear, they want change.

It will be interesting to see whether Bauza can deliver on many of his election pledges but he has a clear majority in the Balearic parliament. It is certainly a new dawn for the islands and Bauza´s victory will even benefit the non-Spanish community, with a series of proposals aimed exclusively at them. A new dawn has arrived in the Balearics.