I SOMETIMES despair of Britain. Local resident Phil Green served his country joining the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. He flew bomber missions in North Africa but his Wellington bomber was shot down during one such mission and he spent the rest of the conflict as a Prisoner of War in Italy and then Germany. He endured many hardships. Now aged 91 he decided that he would apply for the Bomber Command decoration which the Cameron government had recently announced to honour all those who had flown on Wellingtons, like Phil Green, or Lancasters. But someone in the Ministry of Defence decided that poor Phil was not entitled to the medal probably because as he served in North Africa he was not technically part of Bomber Command. Talk about splitting hairs. Mr. Green is 91; proud to have served his country and wants his final consecration so that he can underline the fact that he served his country. But no. What an absolute disgrace. The MoD should be ashamed.