Dear Sir,

First of all, congratulations to the new Calvia Mayor Manuel Onieva on his victory.
I am delighted to see that tourism is one of his priorities and hopefully he will succeed where his last two predecessors have failed in extending the Summer season.

The weather has been great this past winter over here and there should have been tourists here but, with very few hotels open, very few flights and very little promotion in the UK, another winter devoid of tourists was an inevitability.

I trust Snr. Onieva reads the Bulletin to get the ‘feel' of British tourism here on the island. If you do Sir, then can I please ask you, as indeed I asked your predecessors, when you start your advertising campaign DO NOT use the words Illes Balears and Calvia.

People in the UK won't have a clue what you are talking about. The keywords you need to use are Majorca (not even Mallorca), Santa Ponsa, Magalluf, Palma Nova, Paguera and Portals Nous.

Incidentally, your predecessors ignored me and a fat lot of good it did us all. But, somehow this time, I genuinely get a feeling that Calvia is on ‘our' side and there could just be that bit of optimism in the air for 2012.

Ian Morrison
Port Colom