THERE is something very wrong about David Cameron going on holiday to Ibiza while the police investigation into the murder of soldier Lee Rigby continues. Britain is still in a state of shock and there are fears of a major backlash from the murder on the streets of Woolwich. But the Prime Minister has elected to leave his desk and head for a holiday in the sun. The word from Number 10 is that the Camerons are like any other British family, looking for some sun and some rest and relaxation with his family. But the Camerons, are not a normal family; he is the Prime Minister facing the biggest terror threat to Britain since the London bombings. The security services are under fire for not foiling the attack and there is tremendous unease in Britain. The photographs of the Camerons in Ibiza, which we publish today, could be described as being totally out of line. The Prime Minister relaxes while police work around the clock on a massive terrorist investigation. As I said in this space last week, Cameron should have visited Woolwich to show his support to the family of Lee Rigby. And my criticisms do not only extend to the Prime Minister. I think a member of the British royal family should also have visited the crime scene. The British public want reassurance and this can only come from Britain´s leaders. If the Prime Minister leaves his post just three days after the attack then this is giving out the wrong message completely.