l Dear Sir,
l THERE is a lot of sense in Graham Phillips's letter, regarding the controversy surrounding the Barcelona v Arsenal match, and I agree with most of his comments. However, I think his solution to have a Video Referee to scan doubtful decisions. While in itself plausible, the system will lead to a fast flowing game being reduced to too many stops and starts as players will contest every time a whistle is blown for almost any infringement, leading to semi-paralysis. I think one has got to rely on the referee, and do not forget TWO assistants, to be right most of the time, and as is often the case, the incorrect decisions usually equal the correct ones. Before the advent of instant replays on Video, players accepted this premise. The trouble is the gradual transformation of the “SPORT” into a money-grubbing duel, with behaviour on the field resembling and imitating the general standards obtaining among the youth of today. That is, lack of respect for authority, with sportsmanship replaced by a culture of moral insensibility and brutishness. No amount of “Video Control” will eradicate this conduct except rigid sanctions on those who threaten authority.
Phil Green,Nova Santa Ponsa