Dear Sir, I hesitated before writing on an issue as imponderable as the weather but the torrential rains over the past few days finally convinced me.It's not the weather I wish to complain about (I do it in my prayers) but the absurdity of the comments made by the Balearic Meteorological Service.A recent article in the MDB promised hot weather for July and August (surprise,surprise) after the miserable May.

Sr. Jansa of the service (who does have a refrain of “not unusual” for outlandish weather conditions) states that the current weather is not unusual. It is presumably the same service that referred to this May as the wettest since 1944 (when the record keeping started and before the latest deluge).

If a 64 year record is not unusual pray let us know what is unusual.
Leslie Spiro

Dear Sir, Having just returned from holidaying in Majorca, I feel that I should share my experience with other tourists and residents. I visited Pollenca market on Sunday 18th May and, having guarded my handbag all morning, joined a very long bus queue to return to Puerto. A chubby young man, sporting a diamond ear stud, and his girlfriend hovered on the edge of the queue giving all the indications of attempting to push in the queue as we were boarding. All the passengers were getting their fares ready when he bumped against me as if he was trying to get on the bus. Then both of them turned and walked off down the road. I arrived back in Puerto and lo and behold my purse had gone. I then attempted to report the incident at the police station, only to be informed that I needed to bring a Spanish interpreter. So no joy there then! The moral of this sorry tale is be on your guard at bus queues! Yours faithfully
Janice Wakefield
Shrewsbury, UK.

Sir, A few years ago the British Consulate used to have a What's On social events diary available in order to try and make sure there was no clash of dates. Does that service still exist ?

I read in today's Daily Bulletin that Age Concern, the Bay Entertainers and Centre Stage Productions are ALL holding events on Saturday, June 14th.
Many people can't afford to support all of these excellent organisations on the same day, even if they rushed with police escort from the Auditorium to one of the evening events. Surely it would benefit everybody if the various companies got together and decided on different dates to the advantage of everyone. Not even top illusionist Derren Brown can be in three places at once !!!

Monro Bryce