By Jason Moore

NEW Balearic leader Jose Ramon Bauza is planning “Cameron” style cuts when he finally takes office next month. He plans to reduce the number of Balearic government departments and also slash staff numbers as well. Even the salary of his cabinet team will be closely scrutinished as he attempts to reduce government costs. But the new Balearic leader will have to wait until at least early July before he can actually get started because the process of handing power from one leader to the next is slow.

I doubt that Bauza will actully get started before September as once he is sworn in the summer holidays will get underway! Bauza has said that job creation will be one of his key policies when he finally takes office. He says that he is deeply concerned about the state of the Balearic economy and there are also fears that government coffers are almost empty. While Bauza is looking to the future the man he replaces could be ejected from his role as leader of the socialist party. Francesc Antich, who has governed the Balearic for the last four years, may be forced to resign by his own party following the election debacle. The socialists have already met behind closed doors to discuss the future of its present leadership. While most people expected the Partido Popular to win, no-one had forecast the landslide victory which has seen the centre-right party taking control of all the main Balearic institutions. It was crushing defeat.