By Jason Moore

FULL marks to David Cameron for cracking down on official cars, it is a shame that the local authorities in Majorca don´t follow his lead! If you see the Balearic leader, Francesc Antich or even the Speaker of the Balearic Parliament arrive at an official function I am always amazed at the large number of official vehicles which are involved.

In the case of Antich you are talking two official vehicles on some occasions, (the second for security personnel) Every local government minister has his own official vehicle which is quite scandalous. Spain leader Rodriguez Zapatero has signalled that cuts need to be made so perhaps official vehicles should go for everyone apart from the Balearic leader. The Balearics has an excellent public transport network and it would probably do local ministers a lot of good if they had to catch the train or bus. Times are hard and everyone has to cutback. I was also quite amazed to see that some local mayors are not prepared to take a pay cut. This is outrageous if Civil Servants have to face cuts then so should their superiors. What we can´t have is one law for one group and another for others. The cutbacks should be across the board and not just a few. Salaries need to be reduced and official cars should go.