WHEN in Majorca I always get your paper. Recently I noted the article on WiFi provision insome areas of Palma which you listed. One day I was in Palma (during the last week or so) and happening to be in Plaza Joan Calles 1 with my laptop I thought that I would try it.

The results were not impressive.I tried first from the NE corner but no network as you describe it could be found.
Business networks in profusion, of couse, abounded. I moved west to a pile of traffic plastic barriers and connected and got the PR blurb but the buses were a bit close so I moved down to the stone seats among the trees - no connection at all, not even the network name.

I then moved up to sit under the fountain and did get on but the connection was so poor in performance terms that email was impossible. Some distance to go in Majorcan wireless, I think.

DC Fergusson.