By Jason Moore WELL, it doesn't look as if I will get a pension in either Spain or Britain until I am at least 98! It is a scandalous state of affairs that probably my generation will never get a state pension simply because governments have had rather short sighted policies. If you think about it we are now going to have to work longer and probably harder than our parents, our tax bill will certainly be higher, and at the end of it there will be no state pension. Already we are being advised to take out a private pension scheme but still paying hefty social security payments. Just where is all the money going and who is guilty of getting their sums wrong? In the same way as our parents demanded a free National Health Service I believe that my generation should demand a state pension, however small it is. It is right to think that when you finally down tools the government gives you a small payment for all your hard work during the years. I know that the population is getting older and I also know that the pot is getting smaller but I think what the governments are planning at the moment is a clear case of discrimination. Younger people deserve better. The various governments must get their act together to ensure that we receive the same deal as our parents.