By Jason Moore

ALL this week I have been hearing complaints about “rip-off” Palma. Tourists and residents don´t understand why in the resorts, overall prices are competitive, but as soon as they step off the bus in Palma they find they are being charged double.

On a recent visit to one of the major resorts, I saw that you could have a beer for as little as one euro; try finding that in Palma! The other day I was charged 1.90 euros for a cortado ( a small coffee) at a bar along the Paseo Maritimo. These prices are really scandalous.

Palma business owners shouldn´t use a reduction in business to put up their prices. Why can´t the local authorities introduce some form of price control, which once and for all, will bring this situation under control. All tourists coming to Majorca this summer will be on a budget. The wealthy big spenders which the local authorities are desperate to attract, are probably more careful with their money than those on a smaller income. If Palma wants to be a tourist capital, then prices have to be looked at very carefully. I know I have mentioned this state of affairs before in this space but I feel the time has come for some action. Unless something is done soon, I can see holidaymakers staying clear of Palma, which would be a major blow.