Dear Sir, I once more wish to refer to my letters of 19th July 2002 , and 25th October 2002, in which I listed a number of complaints that needed attention to bring the Cala Viñas beach up to standard. Yesterday (3rd June 2003) you published an article in the Daily Bulletin in which you listed 34 beaches that had been awarded Blue Flags in recognition of their high standard. Needless to say, Cala Viñas was NOT one of them. The Cala Viñas beach has been very badly neglected for the last ten years.
I understand that the concession for the Cala Viñas beach has now been allocated to a new party. I am very pleased to say that as a result of this there has been a considerable improvement in the beach in front of the Apartments Regal and Hotel Barcelo. I highly commend the fact that the weeds, which were allowed to build up over the last ten years, are now being removed. The palm trees are being trimmed and tended to, and the beach is being cleaned regularly. The residents of Cala Viñas are very appreciative of this action. It would be desirous if a layer of sand were to be spread over the beach to bring it back to the standard that existed years ago. I am hoping that the new concessionaire will arrange for this to be done. The beach in front of the Royal Savoy is still an area of waste–land. 70% covered with weeds. I am hoping that this beach is now also under the care of the new concessionaire, and that in the very near future this will be attended to.bThe children's playground in front of the Apartments Regal is still in a disgusting state.
It is an area of derelict earth that turns into a mud bath when it rains. It is covered in stones and in my opinion a health hazard to the children who wish to play there. In October 2002 work was being carried out on this area to install a drainage system leading to the sea. One would have thought that having completely disturbed this area, the constructors would have made it good, and that Calvia would have commissioned work to be carried out on this area to improve both it's appearance and use. Needless to say, nothing has been done in that respect. On the contrary the constructors actually took sand from the beach to fill in some of the trenches they had made. This caused more deterioration to the beach. It seems ludicrous that during the period that the builders with all the bulldozers were on site, that the whole area was not brought up to a reasonable standard. The promenade leading from the Royal Savoy to the Hotel Cala Viñas is still dangerously uneven. Why did the builders not spread a layer of cement over this whilst they were working there. A vast some of money has been spent over the last few years by Calvia on walkways around this part of the Island. We in Cala Vinas still do not have pavements outside our Apartment block. There seems to be something wrong with their priorities. Need I remind Calvia that the beaches of Majorca are the “Shop Front” of the Island.
L. Bilton
Cala Viñas