The Tragedy is that your article is in the main wrong and it would be a total disaster if the E.U. were to go down the road of letting the leaders in Brussels have more control after the disaster of the EURO , by bending the rules of entry for ITALY and GERMANY and FRANCE and many others ( I think only Britain and Luxembourg qualified as of rite to be members under the treaty) the chickens are now coming home to roost, Germany is in recession, ITALY is in a BLACK HOLE and FRANCE is still being run by the Unions. Talk to people in Germany ask how many would like to come out of the EURO the same in Holland and elsewhere. The model that at last is being held up is Britain with its own currency strong Government and market economy particularly labour market. One of the main reasons for the decline in the EURO is the member states have no control of interest rates locally and one size does not fit all. Look how the Bank of England has been fine tuning the bank rate to keep the economy in balance, this is what is responsible for the stability and growth in the U.K. economy over the years since the introduction of the EURO. Would you really like to see this put into the hands of possibly an ITALIAN E.U. chancellor ???
Finally (although I could go on for pages and pages) I respect you for your music and literary reviews but do you really believe that the E.U. has prevented a third world war or is likely to do so in the future, It must be about the only thing I can find to be able to agree with Stephen Byers with in your quotation Friday. The original referendum in the 70s was. ”“Do you think Britain should be part of the European Common Market ?”to which I voted Yes, not part of a federal state!! What will prevent a third world war is for all the major countries of the world to be trading together so that it would be in nobodies interest to cause a major conflict. By the way do you see a E.U. foreign policy minister and E.U. troops going into African countries (and elsewhere) to stop the Dictators who are murdering and stealing the aid funds meant for the starving .How many of these tyrants have big yachts in European Marinas?
Derek Moore.