Sir, Yesterday (3 June) you published an article in the Daily Bulletin in which you stated that fewer flags had been awarded to the Balearic Beaches this year than last. The Balearic Environment Minister, Mr Jaume Font, voiced his indignation at this by saying that “we have the best beaches in the world”.
I would challenge Mr Jaume Font to come to Cala Viñas and examine the conditions of the beaches there for himself. We consider that we at Cala Viñas have the worst beaches in the Island. He further says that “The European Commission had based their report on analyses made last year”. This is no excuse, because whenever the analyses were performed, the beaches should have been up to standard. It should not have been necessary for the European Commission to draw his attention to this.
I once more wish to refer to my letters of 3 June 2002, 19 July 2002, 25 October 2002, and 4 June 2003 in which I listed a number of complaints that needed attention to bring the Cala Viñas beach up to standard. You were kind enough to print these letters. However I regret to say that the majority of these complaints have yet to be addressed. The Cala Viñas beach has been very badly neglected for the last twelve years, The concession to maintain one of the beaches has been allocated to a new party. I highly commend the fact that some of the weeds, and stones, which were allowed to build up over the last twelve years, are now being removed. It would be desirous if a layer of sand were to be spread over the beach to bring it back to the standard that existed years ago. I am still hoping that the new concessionaire will arrange for this to be done. The beach in front of the Royal Savoy is still an area of waste-land, 70 percent covered with weeds and stones. This still is badly in need of attention. The children's playground in front of the Apartments Regal is still in a disgusting state.
Although some of the stones have now been removed, it is an area of derelict earth that turns into a mud bath when it rains. In my opinion it is a health hazard to the children who wish to play there. In October 2002 work was being carried out on this area to install a drainage system leading to the sea. It is difficult to understand why, at that time, the drainage system was not extended to the steps leading to the beach. When it rains the water gushes down the steps, washing all the sand into the sea. Needless to say, nothing has been done to address this situation. A vast sum of money has been spent over the last few years by Calvia on walkways around this part of the Island. We in Cala Viñas still do not have pavements outside our apartment block. There seems to be something wrong with their priorities.
I would be obliged if Mr Jaume Font would kindly look into these complaints and endeavour to address them as soon as possible. He could perhaps then be able to say that “we have one of the finest beaches in Majorca”.
Yours sincerely
L. Bilton.