LAST year, my family and I stayed in Santa Ponsa, Majorca, for a period of 10 days on holiday. We had a wonderful time enjoying the weather, the people, the general facilities and especially the family ‘music square'. On arrival back home we decided to book again to return the following year but this time with our grandchildren.

On May 17th 2010 we arrived in Santa Ponsa, same hotel for a period of 10 days. We arrived about 5:00 pm, unpacked our cases, had our evening meal and ventured down to the music square. Brilliant I thought as nothing had changed, except for the positioning of the stage and a few green and white banners that seemed out of place but immaterial. Then came Tuesday 18th May and a typical agenda followed. Get up, breakfast, pool all day, evening meal and then off to the music square. It was then we had the shock of our lives. The “CELTIC SUPPORTERS ASSOCIATION” had hit town. Probably 1-2'000 drunken football louts taking over the square, the same singer/groups on stage every night belting out their Celtic anthems and this went on for 6 continuous nights. You couldn't sit down and relax, the children couldn't run about and play like they normally would, there was no entertainment for them, and by 12:00 every night you were very lucky if you hadn't been serenaded by any of the 20-30 strong groups of chanting moronic inebriated idiots that were by now running amok. When your eldest grandchild says, “grandad I am scared”, something is seriously wrong. All in all, nearly a week of my 10 day holiday ruined. I am sending you this e-mail for a number of reasons. Firstly, I know my sentiments were shared by numerous other tourists present at this time and therefore I speak on behalf of them too. This is in no way an anti-Scottish or Irish publication. Many Scottish and Irish people who were not here for the festivities were also disgusted by the behaviour of their patriots. Secondly, I would like the area tourist board/organisers to be fully aware of the consequences of such events and to consider very carefully before future events are planned. I for one would definitely not have booked at this time if I had been made aware of the forthcoming invasion. I dont think I could set foot on the island again.

Finally, I feel the that many holiday makers have been let down who visited Santa Ponsa at that time. I seriously feel somebody needs to be made responsible for this. My wife and I work hard and when you spend £2-3'000 on a family holiday you expect it to be special, especially when you have tried and tested it the year before. I hope this e-mail is taken seriously and that you find my opinion and information helpful. I will try to copy in as many figures of authority as possible to help further eliminate the risk of it happening again. I am not against people having fun, but there is a time and place for everything. If our Celtic friends are struggling for a location next time may I suggest the middle of the ‘Sahara Desert'.

Once again thank you for listening one disgruntled and annoyed tourist
(name and address supplied)