By Humphrey Carter

WELL, it flushed its plans to charge passengers to go to the toilet down the pan but it has, yet again, played a blinder. The low-cost airline has warned passengers they will have to fork out extra cash for bringing on board Spanish pastries that are not packed into their hand luggage, in particular ‘ensaimadas', probably Majorca's most popular souvenir - especially for mainlanders - and ‘tartas de santiago', or the St James Cake.

Passengers who want to carry their delicacies on board separately have to pay eight euros for the package, or splash out 60 euros to put the pastries in the hold.

All the Spanish domestic carriers allow ensaimadas to be carried in the hold for free, as many of us have seen at the airport, the mainlanders literally, take mountains of boxed up ensaimadas back with them.

Not only is this yet another add on from Ryanair, which continues to go from strength to strength despite the criticism it attracts over its pricing policies, but it could have a very detrimental effect on Majorca's ensaimada industry.

At a time when bakeries are suffering the consequences of the recession just like any business, this announcement could not have come at a worse time.
It can also be considered an insult to Majorcans, is Ryanair going to introduce charges for people wishing to take wine back from France? What's next?, Incentives to fly naked and carry no luggage?